Here’s a bit about me, with pictures.

I was born during the last days of the administration.

I beat all three of the original floppy disk text games on DOS.

I nearly failed class both in college & seminary but I now use Greek & Hebrew on a weekly basis (go figure!)

is the greatest American novelist to date.

I won the award in 6th grade. It now works as a nifty card cover.

I am ambivalent about care

I used to be a

I am now a

I gave up rock climbing because it required lifting ones entire body weight with only and I enjoy kayaking as it involves sitting down.

The is worth subscribing to.

products are clearly better.

I have written more than a half-dozen published , and I still agree with what I said in them.

I am better at building than any practical building

is my favorite novel.

is the most interesting founding father.

I have penmanship.

I like coffee, , pie, ice-cream and a well-made sandwich.

I am to Kathryn Drury

We have three named Max, Karina & Lauren.

Oh, and my mission statement is “Exponential Kingdom multiplication through developing leaders, communicating truth, and building teams.”

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It is better to share than to receive...
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