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Perhaps you have seen clips like these before. Yesterday was “Black Friday” and they tell us that “Cyber Monday” is coming. I declare today to be “Consumer to Steward Saturday.”

Jesus Christ is calling us out of our consumeristic culture toward a vibrant and liberating stewardship. “Once you learn that even possessions you work for are given to you, you are free from their tyranny. You don’t have to protect them, serve them, measure them, or feel deprived for not having them. Now you can use them instead of consume them.” (SoulShift, Page 78) Today is Consumer to Steward Saturday. I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on whether you own your things, or whether they own you. You’re not in any of these videos (I hope), but it’s possible that some of the consumerism of our culture has begun to rule your life. Today is a good day to reflect on that.

One of the dear saints in my church, Dr. Marjorie Elder, wrote this prayer about the shift from Consumer to Steward to accompany some devotionals I wrote on the subject. Let’s pray this prayer today, as so many of us are recovering from our Black Friday consumerism:

[quote_box author=”” profession=””]”Our Father, when we realize that all we have has been a gift from You, from life to heritage to possessions, stewardship becomes a very demanding practice. Of ourselves, nothing; from You, all.

“We seek a SoulShift that begins with asking You to take our capabilities and show us how to use any gifts we have for Your glory. And take our possessions – all Yours – and give us wisdom in handling them. We thank You for directing the first tenth in a way that helps us know it is wisely used. Thank You for our church. What great planning can be accomplished by a body of believers far beyond what an individual could manage. Then give us wisdom in choosing the places for our offerings. Bless us with a generous spirit and increase our joy as we delight in giving You more of what is Yours. Amen” -Marjorie Elder[/quote_box]

So, what will you do to steward this Saturday well?

For more on Consumer to Steward online, see Paul Tillman’s post by clicking here.

Consumer to Steward sidenote: You should know that I do not make any money off of the book SoulShift. All the royalties go to College Church. Yes, it’s a product you have to buy to read–intellectual copyright and all that jazz. But it’s great success is something we are stewarding according to convictions Christ have given us.

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