For more than 15 years I’ve been thinking a lot about faith and doubt. I’ve had friends that have lost their belief in God, those that have gained a new belief in God, and those that have the former lead to the latter. By this I mean they came back, as it were, to God after a season of deep doubt. Some of those even came back to a place in the community of Christ (although I’ll admit it seems easier for those with doubt to come back to Christ than his Church.)

The time seems right for me to interject a few things into this conversation that so far hasn’t involved me much. Here are my points to offer right here in the coming weeks on Tuesdays when I plan to post about “Faith”:

[check_list] [highlight class=”highlight_yellow” style=””]My story of deconstructing faith.[/highlight]I wonder if it would be good for some to know that I have had my own doubt journey. Perhaps it would provide some empathy to those with questions, or who have a close friend or family member with deep doubt. It might be hard for some to hear these doubts—and I definitely don’t want to stir doubt in others unnecessarily—but I should share at least a bit so those with faith can understand how a doubting person thinks.

[highlight class=”highlight_yellow” style=””]My story of reconstructing faith. [/highlight]I wonder as well if we don’t have enough stories of those who have have peered out into the Abyss of deep doubt and then journeyed back. But that is my story, and it should be told. Intellectually I lost a good potion of my faith, but regained my faith through a journey that might be instructive, or at least interesting, to a person without faith. Certainly mine is only one story—and it can’t be a “system” for rediscovering faith. But in a day when we don’t hear enough of those stories I should tell mine. Perhaps this will help those with doubt understand how someone rediscovering faith thinks.[quote_left]We don’t have enough stories of those who have have peered out into the Abyss of deep doubt and then journeyed back.
[/quote_left] [highlight class=”highlight_yellow” style=””]My thoughts on faith and doubt in general.[/highlight] I think there are myths about faith and doubt that should be debunked. Also, the church, and Christian people in general, don’t really know what to do with doubters. So perhaps my thoughts will help us know how to be in authentic relationship with someone without faith, or who is loosing their faith, and who have deep doubts about God, Jesus Christ and/or the Church.


That’s the plan. I’ll start next week with one of my deconstruction stories to get us rolling. But for now, I leave you with the Doubter’s Psalm to meditate upon:

[row_box class=””]How long, O Lord, will You forget me always?

How long hide Your face from me?

How long shall I cast about for counsel,

sorrow in my heart all day?[/row_box] [1]




[1] Psalm 13 from The Book of Psalms, a Translation with Commentary by Robert Alter. New York: Norton & Company ©2007

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