Shane Hipps, Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has resigned from his role. The Elders wanted him to do 40+ Sundays a year, and he could only pull off 30.

Shane had only spent a few months as the primary teacher there, after Rob Bell’s departure this year seeking a broader role/audience (you know you’re big stuff when you need a broader audience than 10,000 a week)

So this proves that Hell, despite the misgivings of Bell’s book “Love Wins” does in fact exist. It’s in a place called “Filling Rob Bell’s shoes in the Pulpit.”

So, how about you? Who would you hate to have to follow in the pulpit? Who would it be very hard to find a successor for?

[Source] – First sent to me by one of my alert readers Paul Tillman who has a really cool new website design by the way.

After posting this someone sent me what Shane Hipps said in his resignation letter. It’s online here.

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