At this point in the ’16 presidential election process the favored candidate doesn’t have any idea he will not receive a majority of the votes in the general election. He doesn’t know he will only barely win the electoral college vote–the slimmest majority of the century. He won’t even win his home state.

His handlers will miscalculate public opinion, and his campaign slogan, “He kept us out of the war,” won’t click like he hopes it will. He will nearly lose to his extremely unlikely opponent. That opponent, at this point, has the clear “advantage” of not having spoken out on political matters for some time so people don’t know what he fully stands for. This is the only time, in fact, a major political party has nominated a Justice from the Supreme Court.

A socialist candidate is gaining some traction to everyone’s surprise by this point. Also “Ted” is causing some trouble and showing himself influential in the politics of the day at this stage (he left his party 4 years prior to run as a third party candidate). A detail enjoyable to me is this: of the eight Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, three of them at this point are from my home state of Indiana. YAY, Hoosiers!

Cue weak golf clap.

This “news” is 100 years old, from the 1916 US elections, not the 2016 y’all are talking about.

Will the “news” of today someday be just as obscure as this to you? Will this election be as world-changing I am led to believe (again).

Yes, vote.

Yes, speak out.

Yes, champion justice.

Yes, champion truth.

However, the “Good News”… yes THAT news is always relevant, always true, always important. This is true whether it is electable or not.

I am reminded of my grandfather, who used to muse, about this time every four years, “I wonder who they will elect as their president.” He voted. He spoke out. But he knew his ultimate Commander in Chief held a higher office. 

Enjoy the election cycle, but don’t worry: Jesus never fails, even when your candidate does.

He or she will fail, by the way. One way or another, they all do, even if they win. Just look back to see what I mean. 

But that’s the craziest thing about our Lord. Jesus doesn’t fail, even after it looks like he loses. In fact, that’s the way all this got started, on a cross.

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