I am often asked what version of the Bible I use. The answer is complicated. For one, I just can’t pick only one. There are so many amazing translations. Some literal ones I use for deeper Bible study. Other dynamic equivalence ones I use for reading faster and enjoying it. I like some paraphrases as I seek to apply the Word to my life. Still other archaic language ones I enjoy for the poetic books, as they seem more Shakespearean to me and roll off the tongue in a lofty way that seems fitting for the Psalms, for instance. So, I have trouble picking.

Just for fun and in celebration of all the different versions of the Bible, here’s one that no committee has vetted and one that might offend (and perhaps tickle) everyone. I present to you my very own “Yoda Version” of the Bible.

Feel free to translate your own and share it with me on social media with the hasthag “#YodaVersion”

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anxious yoda version




strong yoda version



train yoda version



power yoda version



faith yoda version



refuge yoda version



understanding yoda version



fear yoda version



loved the world yoda version



all things yoda version



love yoda version



shepherd yoda version



plans yoda version



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