“Dad! Help me!” The kid is trying to program the DVR or change the thermostat, or she is working on her homework. The boy might be trying to get the blinds to be level or the girl might want to change a light bulb in her bedroom. In each case, the Dad’s offspring is getting frustrated and the young one asks for help before they’ve even really begun.

Kids are bad at everything.

This is a tempting moment for Dad because he could now be a hero the kids are dependent on. He can swoop in and do it in a jiffy. Dads can change the thermostat and change light bulbs in their sleep. Dads are generally pretty good at all kinds of stuff that kids stink at. Let’s be honest, kids are bad at everything. Most of them can’t even tie their shoes till they are five!

So Dad might be tempted to do it for them, so it’s “done right.” The children could gather around the Dad and sing sonnets to his awesomeness, inviting the neighbor children to gather around him to notice his large biceps and to marvel at his mastery of light bulb manipulation. But, this is not what happens. Forswearing the glory, Dad says this: “You’ll figure it out”…


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