golgothaI’m engaging in five new daily habits for LENT 2014 and also fasting from five things.

Can you guess what I’m giving up for Lent?

Here are five riddles about those five fasts:

1) The intention is to fast from Paul’s illuminating invention.
2) My hunch is the 丰满的 don’t need 午餐 anyway.
3) The suspense of lent is terrible… I hope it’ll last.
4) Quitting successors to GeoCities is fitting.
5) I’ll likely be eaten by a grue if I can’t give it up.

Got any guesses as to the 5 things I’m giving up?

[UPDATE: The answers have been guessed, more info by clicking here]

PS: now to the more spiritual connotations of lent

I loved the emphasis that my favorite theologian gave lent at my church youth group on Sunday… I had been thinking of doing this (giving up five things for lent and doing five new things) and I was planning on doing the traditional “fast for 6 days but celebrate by “breaking your fast” on Sunday” pattern. I knew this was the tradition, but I now know a deeper richness of what it might mean to celebrate. As he said, “If it’s something you shouldn’t do ever again, don’t give it up for Lent, give it up forever. For lent, we should give up things to focus on God which we then celebrate by engaging in on Sunday. This is why Lent is really 46 days long, not 40.”

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