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Little things make a difference in  communication.

For instance, note the difference between this…

“Let’s eat, Grandma.”

and this…

“Let’s eat Grandma.”

The first one sounds like Thanksgiving. The second sounds like the Donner Party. All because of that little comma.

These days, technology matters almost more than anything in our communication. Our modes of communication have an effect on the message.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.22.36 AMWhat makes your eyes roll when someone else shares something you disagree with online? Now think about that in reverse about what you post. Recall the last time someone texted you something with a typo in it—or where it was easy to misinterpret because of the medium of texting and not hearing their voice or seeing their facial expression.

That little smiley face “:-)” is not enough to make a statement okay.

We underestimate how the technology we use affects our communication. For instance, I once saw a text from a parent to their son which read: “You forgot your cell phone at our house.”

Think about it.

Clearly, where you say it matters, and the technology we use is part of where we are sharing the message. It is easy for our technologically-powered sharing to instead become part of the shame-machine toward sinners. You know that person who is living a lifestyle you don’t agree with? Why not invite them out to coffee rather than have them read about your view about them online? You know that old friend who is now an atheist? Why not maintain a kind and compassionate relationship with them rather than push them father and farther away by confronting them in a Facebook thread? You know that family member who has different views on [insert here something important to you] than you? Do you really think sharing aggressive or even insulting memes about their position is going to change their mind or lead them closer to Christ? No, a better approach is the only one that saved us in the first place: grace.

Always remember that where you say it matters more than what you say.

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*Thanks for reading. You might be interested to know that this article is from the cuts in a manuscript I am working on currently titled “Unsustainable.” If you like this then I’m hoping you’ll really like what actually makes it into the book. Stay tuned.

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