Lauren Drury at age 7 and 97

Recently a 1st grade class in my hometown was asked to complete the following sentence: “Before I am 100 Years Old I want to…”

{Their answers are below, in italics. I have not adjusted the spelling; these are 1st graders so don’t hold it against them. I have taken a guess at the genders from time to time; don’t hold it against me (I know there are female ninjas and male members of the ballet.)}

A few of the students aimed lower than I would like, but made me laugh. One hopes to make a bed! before he turns 100. His mother hopes he reaches this goal early I’m sure. Another wants to have one kid that is good. I like the realism.

Several were thinking about a career. One wants to be a ploice ocfrir. Another wants to be a billinair. One even wants to work on “Say Yes to the Dress.” I’m proud to say that one girl wants to be a pastor, and one boy wants to be a nenja. In the 1st grade I wanted to be both (As a child I assumed most Ninjas were bi-vocational.) One wasn’t specific, and just wants to be a hero. Don’t we all?

A few showed some imagination in dreaming up an experience that would blow their mind: One girl wants to go on a crus. Who wouldn’t? Another wants to go to lost vagiss. Not till you’re 21, son. A third wants to meet an omish pirsin. Now that’s a party!

I’m  proud to say that some of our 1st graders have certain accomplishments in their sights. One wants go to collage, which I assume is university, not just to see a bunch of clippings put together on poster board. Another wants to clibe a huge monton. I presume the one who wants to win a game shoe is thinking of the kind on television. And not to be satisfied with traditional archeology, one child wants to find a real-alive dinosaur!! Um, yeah… sign me up for that one too. One particularly friendly child wants to make 100 friends before he turns 100. Not a bad accomplishment for all of us to aim for.

Some of their answers make me want to ask a follow up question: One wants to have my own futon. Is your brother hogging the only futon again, son? Another wants to take my kids to the waterpark. Are you hoping to go there this Spring Break? Just tell your parents. One girl wants to see my doters bala? Are you a ballerina? Do you want someone to come see you spin too? And it breaks my heart to say one wants to have my own bulling ally. Are some boys picking on you? You already have allies you don’t know about. Tell your parents or teacher about this.

In the end, each kid had a unique answer to the before you are 100 years old question. But my favorite two are these: One kid said he like to never grow up before he’s 100 years old. We know this wish won’t be granted. He’ll grow up for sure. 2nd grade is coming. Before our very eyes he’ll grow up. But we love his sentiment. He knows to cherish these years and have joy in childhood. Another said they want to Have a wonderful life. We want that for all these kids too, whether they become ballerinas or billionaires, game-show contestants or mountaineers, pastors or police-officers. A wonderful life by 100? Yes, we wish that for all of you!


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