I’m thinking of four kinds of churches this morning.

First, I’m thinking of the churches in Mozambique who have been dislocated. 169,000 people in just the Gaza Providence of Mozambique have been dislocated by the massive flooding. I’m thinking about how most of those churches didn’t meet this morning–or they met outside in a different place–trying to stay together as a community. In many parts of Africa the church is often the only community organization. You can read more about that tragic situation here, or participate in the emergency fund here.

Second, I’m thinking of all the churches on the East Coast of the US and Canada which are digging out this morning… many or even most have cancelled their services–always a very hard decision. In 5 years of making the call myself at a large church, it was never easy to close a service. Never had to close one on a Sunday morning–but did a few on Wednesdays. Check out this time-lapse of the snowfall here (I would have closed for this):

[youtube link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4dW_72IPXM” width=”590″ height=”315″]

Third, I’m thinking of churches that are celebrating this morning, such as Waterline Church in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, which is a 2 year old Church plant. They have 7 baptisms slated for this morning, and 13 baby dedications. What better way to celebrate than with baptisms and babies? Those early years in a church plant are so formative to the DNA of the work. May God bless this young church in Indiana!

Fourth, I’m thinking of churches that are brand new this morning, such as Front Range Church in the Denver, Colorado area and The Well in Christ Church New Zealand. Front Range has been having preview services for some time–and they launch this morning with their first fully public service. The Well was started by a few of my friends and has wonderful plans for a movement of fresh encounters in New Zealand. Exciting times. I’ve been a part of or even led several preview and launch services–and it’s always a time of anxiety and hope. May God bless this new work in Colorado!

Those are four churches I’m thinking about this morning. Now off to mine… where we are giving testimonies as to what God has been up to in the last month focusing on “Ask to Listen.”

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