ANNOUNCEMENT: I wrote a children’s book and 12 people will win a free copy of the book by entering the contest below!

Yes, I would never have imagined it but I wrote a children’s book called “Duckville” and one of my favorite artists, Daniel Swartz, illustrated it. I love the whimsical style of Dan’s work–he transports you to another world so well. Which is important for Duckville, because in this world the ducks don’t fly, as Adam the Duck finds out.

Below you can find more information out about the book. But for now here is the contest. You can enter multiple times in multiple ways in order to get your “hat in the ring” a whole bunch of times (and you even get credit for when other people click your personalized links!) This contest will run through December 23rd and all 12 winners will be randomly selected from the entries. Good duck… er, I mean… Good luck! (har!)

A bit more about the book:
This children’s book is sold separately here, but is designed to go along with the SoulShift for Children and Youth kit. The children’s book works in two ways. First, it’s just an ordinary fun book for kids that we hope inspires them and makes them giggle a little. Second, the settings on each page align with one of the seven SoulShifts. So, if a Church is going through SoulShift, they can use Duckville to connect with very young children on their level (a corresponding guide is found in the back of Duckville.)

I hope you enjoy this fun little book–and that lives are changed in your home or your church because of it.

Believing in you…

-David Drury

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