In the late 1800s a man going by the name “Father Brunner” envisioned a part of the United States with churches in every hamlet and village across the plains. His view: “The more people you have praying, the better the world would be.” Over the years because of practical reasons and a desire for the devout German immigrants of Ohio to go to church every single day, a region of Northwest Ohio actually realized most of Father Brunner’s dream. Now known as the “Cross-Tipped Churches,” there are no fewer than 34 sites within a 22 mile radius that we can attribute to the work of Father Brunner. There are dozens of other churches that followed the church of being close to the soil, and thus the people, of every village.

Below are photos of some of those churches. May we be inspired for churches to start today in communities around the globe that do not yet have a worshipping congregation where they can live their daily Christian walk together.

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