Déjà vu is that odd experience where you look at something something new, but it seems oddly familiar. You might even “remember” a scene you are in at the moment, as though you played this role before, or dreamed it but forgot it. Déjà vu is common but you can’t control it, and it’s just plain weird and unexplainable.

Vuja dé is just the opposite. It is that beautiful experience where you look at something very familiar, but it seems oddly new. You see it with entirely new eyes in the moment, even though you’ve played this role a thousand times before and you begin to dream about new possibilities. Vuja dé is uncommon but you can control it. It’s just plain awesome, and hard to explain, but Steve Moore is going to show you how to Seize the Vuja dé in his new book.

Steve is the Executive Director of Missio Nexus, the largest Great Commission-minded network among evangelicals around the world. Missio Nexus links together all those crazy people who move to another country to do the things Jesus said to do, and all those people who work every day to mobilize such crazy people. You might say that Missio Nexus and Steve Moore are people who help other people have a Vuja dé every day.

Steve has done something quite peculiar with this new book. Instead of reviewing the book (the concept is sweet, you have to agree–so just go read it) I’m going to review HOW you can read it. You might fit into a few categories:

  1. You like to read books on your computer screen in blog-length-chunks–just like you’re reading this article by me.
  2. OR you like to read a book on your kindle–you’re a fanatic of that device and read everything digitally.
  3. OR you like to read a book by listening in your car or while working out–you’re an auditory type.
  4. OR you like to read a book by watching a video, you’re a visual type and prefer YouTube tutorials to user manuals.
  5. OR you like to read a book with other people in a group so you can discuss it and understand and apply it better.
  6. OR you’re old school like me and might have all the technology but you prefer a hard copy book printed on beautiful dead tree paper!
Instead of choosing just one of these methods Steve is making his book available in ALL of these formats. How cool is that? You can right now go read the entire book online, or download it to your iPod, or watch a few chapters, or get it on your kindle, or order a stack for your small group. You can even start the book one way and finish it another. Or mix it up. Or find a chapter that you really dig and do it 6 ways. So, there’s no excuse on this one. He’s making many of the above options FREE in fact, and you can’t say it’s not available in the format you love.
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Here’s the link again: Seize the Vuja dé
Or click the image below to get it on Kindle:


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