[quote_box author=”” profession=””]I have a simple rule: no reading till writing. I could read all day, so I work first, then I eat.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Kant once said that ultimate reality is unknowable. I don’t know how it is that he knows that.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]More clever questions than not are intended to make the asker look good, rather than to gain a wise answer in response.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Stop kidnapping yourself. Forgetting you are his is spiritual amnesia… an act of abducting the child of God.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]You tell Jesus who you think you are, and he tells you who you really are.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]All we can say is, ‘If only we had known. We thought of ourselves as spiritual slaves, but you apparently think of us as so much more.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]It will be harder to live a lie than being who you really are. Acting is always harder than being.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]God is not merely a judge with a law to be obeyed; he is a father with a heart and a way to be imitated.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]God’s dream for you is to dream for them more than yourself… Your love of God is no greater than your love for others.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]The shifted soul is broken by the needs of others, not the self. What’s Me to You about? In one word: others.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Sin has consequences; you think sin pays, but all you get is a 401(k) of hellfire.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]God has a picture of the future you that he puts on the fridge. He’s already at work restoring your future.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]I don’t know about you, but whenever I start the day with Schweitzer I find I need to end it with N. T. Wright.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]I tweet randomly whilst living intentionally… or attempting to at least. I do hope to be more intentional about life than social media.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]As two children might both inherit a mother’s eyes, rather than be limited to one, so our inheritance of character is not divided, but instead multiplies throughout the generations.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]It’s premature to pull the thread of a sweater still being sewn.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Resurrection draws a distinct line between death and life for the resurrected, but also a line between death and life for those who believe.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Sometimes the landscape of someone’s life diminishes even the mountains in the background.[/quote_box]


[quote_box author=”” profession=””]Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that we could all have more guilt in our lives. He died so we might be free. [/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]We want to be different, but we don’t want to change.[/quote_box] [quote_box author=”” profession=””]The book in your head could be better than the book in your hand, so write it.[/quote_box] [Quote Explained: The book in your head might be better than the book in your hand, so write it. Once you tell yourself this and you set the book in your hand aside to write the one in your head you are more than a mere reader—you become a writer. Then, when your very soul becomes bound up in book upon the shelf and some person sets aside the book in their hand to read your book, you then become more than a mere writer—you become an author. Indeed, depending on whether the book in your head is in fact better than the book in your hand, and especially if the book in your hand was pretty good to start with… you are more even than a mere author—you become somehow immortal. This quest for immortality is not achieved by more than a few. It kills far more than it crowns. But it must begin with the realization that the book in your head must be become a book in someone else’s hand.]
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