We tweet what’s on our minds.

For instance, here are some of the things that were on my mind last night:

Because we tweet what’s on our minds, often we betray that our interests are stupid, shallow and insignificant (see above). However, we also betray the things we care about, value, and enjoy talking about. It also shows what we’d like our friends and followers to know we care about. In the social media age, everyone is their own PR department.

MEANWHILE… we might amuse ourselves to know that people tweet more about church than beer now, as illustrated in this handy graphic from Floating Sheep. (Click to enlarge)

In case you’re interested, in the US, San Fransisco is the most beer-tweeting city, and Dallas is the most church-tweeting city. Also, my county appears to slightly favor church over beer in it’s tweets, which I take full credit for. <startsarcasticfont> It’s like the Methodist influence on England all over again <endsarcasticfont>

SOURCES: CNN & TheGuardian


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