In Lexington in early June before GenCon12 there was a “Prequel” event in which Dr. Donald Dayton shared some of the social justice history of The Wesleyan Church. Among other things, this discussion tackled the important question: “What is the assimilation timeline from male prostitute convert to delegate to the Wesleyan General Conference. How long does such assimilation usually take?” 🙂 HA!

Seriously, watch the video–this did come up.

While much of Don’s 80 minute talk might require a bit of an inquisitive academic interest, there’s a whole lot of meat here to digest. I’d be interested to know what you think of it (or thought of it at the time, if you were among those present.)

The last part of the video (starting at 1:35) both Tony Casey and I lead a discussion time about The Wesleyan Church and the implications for us regarding our history, and hopes for the future. Some GREAT stories shared here from the front lines, including stories of conversions of drug users, the abused, a prostitute & one of the group that does gay bar evangelism.

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