Dave’s Creed:

I believe that before work comes rest and before rest comes relationship. I believe that before speaking comes thinking, and before authenticity comes restoration and before both comes brokenness. I believe that risk may precede failure but failure precedes success. I believe that an absence of trust lead to a fear of conflict, which drives a lack of commitment that in turn avoids accountability, which results in an inattentiveness to results. I believe that humor is a leader’s secret weapon, and that a team that laughs is an effective one. I believe that culture counts more than what we usually count. I believe someone addicted to work is a workaholic, and I believe someone addicted to leisure is a loser. I believe that every day I should write before I read. I believe that every month I should be led in private before I lead in public. I believe in doing the things that multiply beyond me, beyond today, beyond my influence. I believe what I can do can only add or subtract, but what God can do multiplies. I believe that some who appear to be Absalom are in fact David, and likewise those who appear to be Saul. I believe that every Christian is a missionary because God is mission. What’s more, I believe that before doing comes praying, before receiving comes asking, before seeing comes believing, before me comes we, and before me comes you. And in the end before all things I believe in Jesus Christ, my Savior, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Oh, and because of all this I should add that I believe in you.

It is better to share than to receive...
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